Our philosophy

Training for passionate professions

ACE Education is a real gateway to the future for all professionals wishing to move into passionate professions. We create multiple synergies to meet their ambitions.

Expert in higher education, ACE Education brings together a group of schools and a large network of industries and experts in France and abroad.

With our innovative teaching methods, we reveal potentials and talents in line with the constantly evolving professions of the future that we train for.

Encouraging collaborative development

Sharing resources within our network of schools and partners and investing collectively in the creation of new tools for the future.

We build links and bridges between our schools to pave the way for unique joint projects.

Learning through experience

Offering professional experience and study programmes focused on acquiring the skills expected by companies.

Learning by doing: project-based learning is widely favoured throughout the course!

Thinking intersectionally

A culture of curiosity inspires us to challenge convention, facilitating progressive conversations between students, across disciplines, within campuses, and between schools and the industry.

Encouraging diversity

Enriching a community of enthusiasts with unique student and trainer profiles to continue encouraging diversity and creativity.

Whether through strategic partnerships, collaborative workshops, stimulating challenges or other joint initiatives, the synergies are endless.